A Note from the Pastor
Pastor Andy Gambino – Prescott Valley Bible Church

We are about to celebrate an amazing day called the 4th of July. America has endured many conflicts in history. The terrorist attach on New York and Washington, and the hostility we are facing in the Middle East. But the truth is that God has blessed America and continues to bless America. Here is my question; how long can it last. Let’s talk about it.

In 1918 Irving Berlin wrote the song “God Bless America” We don’t sing that song as often as we should; but when it is sung; many times it is sung joyfully and prayerfully.
The truth is that when the 9/11 attack came, some people sang that song, who hadn’t sang that song for a long time. An attack that was supposed to shake the fiber of Americans, made us stand stronger. The churches were full; people were seeking God’s help. How did that happen? The answer is simple, blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD. The real question is, how long did it last? How long after that tragic event did we go from running to God, back to our old ways of life?
What does it mean to be blessed by God?
Blessed is a biblical word that means; God acts, intervenes on our behalf. The truth is that sometimes, we take Gods blessings for granted and we don’t see blessings in our lives. Did you know; 52 of the 55 men who wrote our constitution were Christians. So when some say, we don’t have a Christian heritage, yes we do, our country was founded on it.
America, even in the most troubling times; is the land of opportunity; there are people who have come to this country to create a better life for their families and themselves. My dad would say, you can be anything you want to be, and that is still true today. The truth is that there are laws in this country that give each of us the ability to say anything we want. Some would debate about if that is good or not, especially when you hear some of the things that come out of people’s mouths.
You know, some people will say, I don’t like this country, the answer is simple; you probably should leave and see what other countries are like before you put down this one. There are hundreds of thousands of people who try to come to this country every year because of the freedom we have. Here’s the question “is God still the God of our nation?” When a country says forget God, how could we say, God Bless America?
Friends, without God we are in big trouble. I want to encourage you to speak God’s truth and walk in His ways. Because our culture is trying to do everything possible to remove God from it; it doesn’t make it right, it certainly isn’t good, and it makes me realize one basic truth. Although as Christ followers we live in this world, God is called us to something more. You can be a light in the darkness. I pray you are