A Note from the Pastor
Pastor Andy Gambino - Prescott Valley Bible Church

2019 is here. I don’t know about you but when I hear the year 2019 I think about a time way in the future. I was watching one of the original Star Trek programs, and they talked about the year 2012 like it was sometime way in the future. Over the years I have had a chance to learn many lessons, some easy ones and some not so easy, but in any event, I learned that the trials we face are often opportunities for growth.

Well the New Year is a time everyone wants to ask for a do over. Do you know what I mean by that? A kid is playing and he or she messes up at the game and they say I want a do over. It’s a new start, a new beginning. It’s time to break old habits and start healthy ones. Don’t look at me like that! How many people are thinking about a new diet already? You have been eating everything in sight since Thanksgiving and you feel a little out of control? How many of you joined a gym? I did that one time and I spent the year hoping I was going to go there before my membership was up.

How many of you have an area of your life in which you need a new beginning? You’re just ready for a do over because you need a fresh start. What if God created you in a way that makes you have a desire to be made new again? We are starting a new series at the church titled “Start Again” because I don’t think that there is one person who doesn’t look in the mirror or think about their lives and say I wish I can have a DO-OVER. I want to invite you to join us for this 4 part series that talks about what God has to say about it.